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5 Steps to a Strong SEO Strategy

5 Steps to a Strong SEO strategy!

At the core of any effective and strong SEO strategy is strong keywords. Keywords are search terms people use to find content online. If you choose relevant keywords with high search volume and low competition, you can quickly and easily grow your online traffic. But there’s more to SEO than just these search terms.

This is why knowing how to create a strong SEO strategy is so important.

What Does a Strong SEO Strategy Need Beyond Keywords?

1. True & Relevant Value

In addition to any SEO work you do on the backend, your content also has to offer real value to visitors – relevant to what they were searching for. If not, they’ll bounce off your site and this hurts your SEO. If your site offers value, people will stay and read. The time spent on your site helps your SEO.

True value means that it solves a problem your audience faces, or at least provides significant help. The content needs to teach the visitor something they can use to make the change they were searching for and get results. Each piece of content should help your audience in some way.

2. Good User Experience

One of the major factors Google considers when  indexing sites is user experience. This means that your site is easy to navigate, easy to find what they need,  and easy to use. People stay on it and consume its content.

You can create a good user experience by keeping your site uncluttered and well labeled. Breaking up text with images makes it visually appealing. Create navigation that’s easy to use between pages. 

Ask yourself if your website is accessible to all users? 

If you would like to know more about making your website fully accessible to all users, visit Accessibe for an easy and inexpensive solution. 

3. Fresh Content Consistently

Google Search likes sites where there is new content posted on a regular basis. If you’re going to drive traffic to your blog, you need to commit to it.

Create a regular blogging schedule and post regularly. Start an idea file and find the internet for questions people are asking and specific information they’re looking for. A Blog post can be just 300-500 words and written in casual language. Bet into the routine of producing them quickly. 

You can boost a static site’s SEO by adding a blog to it. If you have a company site, add a blog page you can keep updating with new content. This provides SEO benefits for the entire site.

4. Backlinks from Authority Sites

Quality back links, links back to your site from relevant authority sites in your niche, are important to build your authority. It can take a bit of creativity and work, yet a few good backlinks can make a huge difference to your sites SEO. Look for sites that are already popular and get lots of traffic from Google. Use strategies like posting on directories and guest blogging to get those backlinks.

5. Time Establishes Strength

One simple thing over which you have little control that will help your SEO is the passing of time. Google favors sites that are well established. As you employ SEO strategies and add new content to your site, you should see traffic steadily grow.

Should you focus on finding and using the right keywords? The answer is yes. Keywords help you grow traffic and bring the right people to your site. Keep in mind the many other elements of SEO so that contribute to a strong, sustainable SEO strategy.

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