Start Blogging
with Confidence
30 Tips to Create an Amazing Blog!

  • Build Authority in your niche

  • Save valuable time writing quality content consistently

  • Engage with Readers who become your loyal fans

  • Get lots of Search Engine love

  • Build a Brand that gets noticed


What you will learn:

  • How to create an amazing blog
  • How to make a difference that gets noticed.
  • How to provide the help your readers need, (it may even change how people think), build  your brand, and establish your authority.

There are 30 daily lessons in this Blogging Course.

Each outlines a key principle and detail you need to follow to become a successful blogger….

And though I can’t guarantee it, you could learn to LOVE blogging once you’ve completed the course!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This course assumes you already have your WordPress Website setup or nearly completed. If you need help with this please let me know.

What you receive:

  • 30 Video Blogging Lessons 

  • Workbook 

  • Checklist

  • Resource List

  • Access to a Private  Facebook Group for support and Questions

  • and more

What the Lessons Include:

30 tips providing detailed blogging principles, strategies, and help

  • Brainstorming Blog Post Ideas Based On Categories
  • How To Craft Great Blog Post Titles
  • Are You Using Drafts To Get Ahead?
  • Let’s Compare – Quick Posts vs. Epic Posts
  • Quick Content Idea: Answer Comments In New Blog Posts
  • Down And Dirty Formatting Tips To Make Your Blog Posts Shine
  • Formatting for the Search Engines
  • Content Recycle – Turn Your Emails Into Blog Posts
  • Yes, Your Posts Need Images
  • Cross Link Posts For More Interaction
  • Quick Content Idea: Best Of Blog Posts
  • Build A List To Bring Them Back
  • Ask Your Readers For Topic Ideas
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Link To Other Sites
  • Product Reviews Make Great Content If…
  • You’ve Got To Promote Your Blog Posts
  • Social Media Love Part 1 – Promote Your Own Stuff
  • Social Media Love Part 2 – Get Content Ideas
  • Optimizing Images For Different Social Media Sites
  • Quick Content Idea: PLR Articles
  • The Importance Of Building Relationships With Other Bloggers
  • Why Hosting Guest Posts On Your Blog Can Be A Great Idea
  • What Do You Want Them To Do Next – Crafting A Compelling CTA
  • Grow Your List Faster With Special Lead Magnets For Blog Posts
  • Start Emailing Your List About New Blog Posts
  • Fresh Blog Post Ideas With The Google Keyword Planner
  • Endless Ideas With A Blogging Planner
  • Ask Your Readers To Share Their Best Tips
  • Adding Videos To Your Posts
  • Where to Go from Here

Terry’s breadth of knowledge about all things techie is amazing! Her superpowers are empowerment and respect. She teaches technical information clearly, completely without condescension. When I take a class or book a consult with Terry, she makes me feel much smarter and more in control than I think I am.
Afterwards, I know what to do and how to do it.
Annie Christensen
Thank you for a wonderful class! I will keep working to discover my perfect keywords.
MaSanda Lara Gadd
Spiritual Coach

Terry Loving

WordPress Website Management

Terry Loving is the CEO and founder of Loving Marketing – a WordPress Website Management Agency. She’s a teacher and coach with the desire to see your business and business relationships you are building, grow.

WordPress Website Management offers you safe, secure management of the “back end” of your WordPress website so that you can take care of your business. 

Once a middle school science teacher, she saw a need for individuals such as yourself to get the techie help they needed to put their business dreams into motion. Today she lives in Southworth, Washington enjoying the rural treasures of the Pacific Northwest.